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Control Green
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Our Services

Welcome to Control Green


Saving Energy for Tomorrow!


We provide a comprehensive energy mgmt solution
for every type of hotel facility across the globe. View the many different services we offer below, and let us put our expertise to work for you.

Web Based Control

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    Control Green's web based monitoring system will identify equipment and battery failures, which will alert staff so situations can be addressed before they become a customer complaint.

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    Control Green provides an always-current “snapshot” of guest rooms and common areas displaying temperature, humidity, open or closed doors, occupancy status, HVAC running or not, viewing and changing operating parameters and estimated savings calculations!

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    Control Green's Extended Controls provides the ability for the system to make changes (commands) to the various in-room devices throughout the property based on pre-determined conditions. Our Scheduling Controls provides the ability for each individual customer to pre-schedule changes (commands), to the various in-room devices throughout the entire property.