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About Control Green

Control Green can help you to take a major step towards upgrading your property and taking advantage of the positive impact this can make to your operating results, while enhancing your guests' enjoyment of their stay. Managing guest room energy consumption is one of the most visible and cost effective steps you can take in your overall energy management plan.

​Control Green has a broad range of products and tools to help you move in these directions, conveniently, affordably and with proven results. ​We offer aggressive energy savings opportunities for hotels of every description, and as you know energy savings mean cost savings which drop right to your bottom line. Our support staff is ready to help you with answers to your questions, help out with savings estimates, and of course providing detailed proposals for your property.

As you navigate through our site we hope you'll agree that there are savings opportunities that can be maximized in your operations, and that we will have a chance to help you get going in that direction. Contact us for help in creating a savings plan for your property, and thank you for visiting us at Control Green...where we are saving energy for tomorrow!

Intelligent Hotel Energy Management

Below view temperature, moisture and door status for the whole property or focus on a single floor
Toggling among the various “radio” buttons shows information for each room



At 1:45am, the guest in Room 7305 asked for a very low temperature (65º— blue line on lower graph) and the HVAC had to run for 4 hours to achieve it (blue bar on upper graph). When the guest left the room at noon (red “Occupied” bar on lower graph), the temperature was allowed to float upward to save energy (red line—upper graph), but return to the guest requested temperature when the guest returned to the room at 2:30, 5 and 8:30pm. During this time, the HVAC did not run when the room was unoccupied (HVAC is blue bar on lower graph).


Control Green...Saving Energy For Tomorrow!

We provide a comprehensive energy management solution for every type of hotel facility across the globe. View the many different services we offer below, and let us put our expertise to work for you.

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    Control Green's web based monitoring system will identify equipment and battery failures, which will alert staff so situations can be addressed before they become a customer complaint.

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    Control Green provides an always-current “snapshot” of guest rooms and common areas displaying temperature, humidity, open or closed doors, occupancy status, HVAC running or not, viewing and changing operating parameters and estimated savings calculations!

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    Control Green's Extended Controls provides the ability for the system to make changes (commands) to the various in-room devices throughout the property based on pre-determined conditions. Our Scheduling Controls provides the ability for each individual customer to pre-schedule changes (commands), to the various in-room devices throughout the entire property.